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3Bot Declarations

We believe the world needs access to a truly decentralised and conscious Internet. A digital world that complements our lives and does not try to replace it. A digital world without borders and that welcomes everyone as a digital citizen. We are part of the FreeFlow Nation.


We declare that we are not powerless and that we have to act ourselves

The world needs some healing. There is too much talk in our world and not enough action. We believe that we are not powerless. We shouldn’t blame others – governments, society, politicians or other countries. We all are at the source of the problems the world is facing today, and together we can do something about it.

We have a responsibility to try to improve the things we can have an impact on, and not simply blame others around us.

This doesn’t mean we have no right to a financially comfortable life, but it means we have to act and help heal the world. If we all change what can have an impact on, then the world would be a better place tomorrow.


We claim a digital world that is human centric 

We claim digital freedom and privacy.  Today's digital world is run around applications, not people.

We have to change today's infrastructure, and develop technologies that ethically and respectfully support people's needs.

We need a digital world that ensures safety, privacy, and freedom for all.


We agree that people should never be a product 

We have become a product of a big data machine. Every action we take on social media, Internet searches, etc, is potential profit for someone else.

We should not believe we get these services for free. This leads to manipulation and too much consumption of world’s resources.

This means we accept to pay (a fair cost) for resources used.


We declare that everyone should have equal chances

Independent of location, race, gender, religion, sex, sexual orientation, wealth, etc. everyone, without exception, should have equal chances to learn, partake and succeed.

Everyone can deliver services or products to everyone in all transparency and fairness.

Everyone should charge fair costs in relation to their added value. It's not acceptable that a poor farmer receives only 5% of the price we pay for the product in the shop. This is neither sustainable for them nor for the planet.


We declare that respect is the basis of our communication and actions.

We declare that respect and not fear nor ego will be the basis of our communications and our actions in this digital nation.

We don’t have to agree, but respect and tolerance for other opinions is a must.

We need to respect time, e.g. the time of others or our company.


We declare to produce fair and honest information

We should be critical about the information we consume, not take information at face value.

We need to try to create information which is line with the reality.

We should never create information to deceive people.


We declare the respect of the world's finite resources

We need to be respectful for finite world resources.

We will actively look to purchase products which are more sustainable.

We declare that we want to produce high quality and sustainable products or services.


that we will fight together - with 3Bot



The UN has declared that “online freedom” is a "human right," and one that must be protected.Yet +3.5 billion people don't have access to the Internet. 



A lack of access and suppressive tactics by certain governments affects our online freedom. There's no security and privacy, we're subject to manipulation.



Today's digital world is app-centric and not human-centric. Our experience is therefore complicated. Why do we need 50+ apps on our phone?



There is not equal access to the right infromation and education today. Everyone is different, and people's creative and leadership potential is not developed.



Poeple are disconnected – unaware of what's happening, and why we need change. Awareness and consciousness are imperative for change to happen.



We need to rethink the way we consume and create better solutions to reduce our environmental footprint. We have to act now before it's too late.

let's act now.

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