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3Bot puts you at the center

Discover Circles, an incredible way to connect, share, and organise with your peers. Now, you choose who is in your circles and share with them directly. No need for any applications, all you need to connect to is your 3Bot. And 3Bot handles the rest.




Everything is designed for you to organise your social life in the easiest way. With circles, you are where you should be, at the center.



Design the circles you want. Can be your loved ones, your friends, your colleagues, or any other group out there, as long as they have a 3Bot.



Be part of a universal circle where together we shape conscious futures together – with equality, fairness, and sustainability as the focus.


Circles revolutionise the way we communicate online.


You define your circles

Just like in real life, you create your social groups. This could be family, close friends, not-so-close friends, your project team at work, a volunteer group – the sky is the limit. And just like in real life, the type of information you share or the way you communicate differs from group to group – or circle to circle. With 3Bot, you can be yourself again.


Peer-to-peer communication

The way digital communication happens today is ineffective, when you think about it. When you send a message to a friend, this message goes through huge data centers before being delivered. And in many cases, a copy of that message is made and stored. A bit strange, isn't it? Why would anybody else but you and your intended recipient need to be involved? 3Bots communicate directly between one another, calculating the most efficient and secured route. No intermediaries. No exceptions.


Living on the edge 

Today, our data is collected and stored by applications and websites in large data centers. With your 3Bot, you choose when and where to store your data. Living on the consious Internet, you're now able to store your data on the edge, closest to you, or where you feel it's best. Living your digital life on the edge makes it more efficient, safe, private, and green. So what are you waiting for? 


Want to have a positive impact in this world? Do words such as equality, consciousness, and sustainability speak to you? Join our Love Warrior circle where together we empower people to live their best lives, dream big, and achieve.

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